What do Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Hart & Cesar Milan have in common? Well, for this year, the answer is KMG.

A quick hello & a sneak peek behind the KMG curtain as we finalize 2 films which have been in house over the last few months.

These full length features have been a fun addition alongside our regular shows and guests visitors which included Cesar Milan and crew (Dog Nation & Pet Talk). And we have more dawgs on the way, as Kevin Hart brings a special project to KMG in the coming weeks.
The simultaneous fun under our KMG roof with both Spirit Game (One Bowl Productions) and Missing in Europe (from the producers of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), has been exhilarating! KMG was full throttle, supplying ADR, SFX, Foley, Music Editing, Mix, Online Conform, Color Correction and Finishing.
Each project had its own unique challenges including roundtrip workflows to and from Avid AND Premiere,Coloring in Davinci Resolve. Multi-format deliverables included HD and 2K for DCI.

Watch for the releases!

Spirit Game

Lacrosse, yes, but so much more. This film is about our responsibilities to ourselves and the environment. The amazing team behind this project and its message include Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Bill Belichick.
Missing In Europe

This film was shot entirely on location in Belgrade. Drives were sent to KMG throughout the shoot. First cut started in Serbia and continued in Los Angeles when the producers returned.
Many of the actors were in England and Belgrade for the ADR sessions, which progressed flawlessly at KMG with our ediprompt and source connect resources.

Please reach out to hear more about our ongoing KMG happenings or to schedule your next project. We’re able to accommodate a very full house and we’d love to include you!

Contact Sydney@kmgroupla.com or call us at 818-933-1411 for more information.