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Studio V

Audio Post

KMG provides complete Audio Post Production Services including Sound Mixing from Stereo to ATMOS, sound design, sound effects and dialogue editorial, ADR/voiceover recording, foley, versioning, source connect record or send, Dolby encoding, Binaural 3D Audio, and complete sound supervision from acclaimed talent in state of the art facilities.
Color I

Video Post

KMG effectively delivers the highest quality Video Post Production finishing with proven digital workflows that allow for fast and accurate delivery of your content. Our team of top notch Colorists, Mixers, Editors, Assistant Editors and Conformists know the technical requirements that are needed in today’s world of digital media.

Expandability and Redundancy
Need more rooms? With the finest and most diverse talent in the business, KMG is able to expand or contract on a moments notice, as your production requires.
Redundancy – all of our rooms are integrated and identical – allowing your production to seamlessly move from one to the next, and creativity to flow unrestrained. Our secure digital storage provides unmatched protection for your valuable assets.

KMG’s unique approach to Post Production allows us to fill the needs of any production. We put the money “on the screen” – all work is completed by professionals with un-matched experience.

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